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TAR Week 1 Wrap Up

Week 1 Wrap UpThoughts Art Ransomed (TAR) are random reflections I regularly post on Facebook. They are thoughts from my personal meditation of God’s word, songs, and statements I find from friends and other sources. This week’s series is all about being all in for Christ and what it means to be a Christian.

#TARSeries 001: Oftentimes I work driven by many things learned from the Bible school to the point of exhausting myself trying to be approved by men when only God’s approval matters. O that my heart would burn with the passion only for God’s name!

#TARSeries 002: I know nothing of the battles everyone is fighting through. So, I should be kind to everyone. Always. (From To Save A Life‘s Facebook post.)

#TARSeries 003: I’ve caused enough unnecessary hurts to many people for me to learn to live by this principle: SPEAK ONLY WHAT’S NECESSARY WHEN NECESSARY.

#TARSeries 004: I find it always necessary to speak about my Lord Jesus Christ everywhere everytime.

#TARSeries 005: I want this to be my epitaph: Here lies a stranger who wants to meet you in heaven and he wants you to know that the ONLY  WAY TO HEAVEN IS JESUS CHRIST.

#TARSeries 006: I should take my worth from the cross of Christ, not from my critics.

#TARSeries 007: I don’t wanna say a word unless it points the world back to You (taken from Hawk Nelson’s song, “Words”).

#TARSeries 008: I’m sorry for passing judgment instead of extending love (from a post by All In Power).

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