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Things To Think Before I Marry

w2wuThoughts Art Ransomed (TAR) are random reflections I regularly post on Facebook. They are thoughts from my personal meditation of God’s word, songs, and statements I find from friends and other sources. This week’s series talks about marriage.

#TARSeries 009: Marriage is a bond, not a bondage.

#TARSeries 010: I am marrying a human being, not an angel. Humans need forgiveness, angels do not.

#TARSeries 011: I am an imperfect person marrying an imperfect person. I should not expect a perfect marriage.

#TARSeries 012: A husband should love his wife as Christ loves the Church, that includes dying for her when necessary.

#TARSeries 013: If I can’t give my heart fully to God, I won’t be able to fully love my (future) wife.

#TARSeries 014: How I perceive women today will affect how I perceive the woman I’ll marry.

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