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Wrap Up 3: All About Worship

ImageThoughts Art Ransomed (TAR) are random reflections I regularly post on Facebook. They are thoughts from my personal meditation of God’s word, songs, and statements I find from friends and other sources. This week’s series is all worship.

#TARSeries 015: Just because the Lord Jesus Christ freed me from the slavery of sin doesn’t mean that I can follow my own self now. I’m am still a slave. But this time, of a good Master and He is worth following to the end. For I am bought with His own blood.

#TARSeries 016: Any thing I deemed more important than my LORD’s time, words, and love is an idol.

#TARSeries 017: This is how I see my worth before: I’m so special that it took a King’s death to save me. This is how I see my worth now: I’m nothing without the King who died to save me. My Lord Jesus Christ is special; for without Him, I would be a trash, a filthy rag worthy for hellfire’s fuel.

#TARSeries 018: Times of loneliness taught me this: the glorious beauty of my Master’s presence is oftentimes best felt in the silence, where no drums and guitar distortions distract your attention from His glory.

#TARSeries 019: I am sorry for thinking that worship is all about the slow songs, for manipulating people’s emotions through feel good music on Sundays, for forgetting about it on weekdays and for thinking that it is all about me.

#TARSeries 020: “When the music fades and all stripped away, I simply come, longing just to bring something that’s of worth that will bless Your heart. Yes, I will bring You more than a song, for the song in itself is not what You have required. You search much deeper within. You’re looking into my heart.” Always best spoken than sung.

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